Leaf guards and gutter protector

No more yearly maintenance

Solution for houses with a gutter cover already installed.

You are tired of cleaning your roof evacuation system once a year or more? Free yourself from this exhausting chore. You will never see another clogged gutter in your life! With the avant-garde Alu-Rex technology, you will forget they even exist!

At Gouttières Montréal, we show you the product, we give you a price, but above all … we give you peace of mind.

We will install the only leaf guard with a 40-year warranty. Made of first quality aluminum, the Gutter Clean system™ is sturdy, doesn’t rust and doesn’t chip off.

    Gutter Clean system™ — A worry-free system

    BEFORE: clogged gutter

    AFTER: Alu-Rex protection

    The Gutter Clean system™ is a perforated aluminum strip that you place on the gutter of your house. You can’t see it from the ground and it doesn’t change the appearance of your exterior. The look and integrity of your home is preserved.

    With the Gutter Clean system™ gutter guard, no more worries, it will solve all the problems you might encounter with your gutters. Our system blocks leaves, snow, ice and all sorts of debris. Your gutters don’t have to support the weight of ice and snow pilling up, so they will be less solicited than regular ones.

    This unique and innovative system can fit on any type of gutters. Our expert can install them in less than half a day.

    Water will flow normally inside your gutters as if it was summer year after year!

    It’s a remarkable system! Thanks to Alu-Perf technology, developed by Alu-Rex, the Gutter Clean System™ drains three times the maximum amount of rain recorded in Canada and prevents the debris with amazing efficiency.

    Globally known for several years, thousands of homeowners were satisfied by Alu-Rex products.

    Did you know?

    74 species of mosquitoes were listed in Canada, 64 of them bite humans and pets.

    Mosquitos lay their eggs in moist environments, so if your gutters retain water due to leaves, you will be invaded by these biting pests. I’m sure you had no idea how your gutters could influence your comfort and health, right?

    Choose the worry-free system Gutter Clean System™! Contact us for a free estimate of the installation cost.