Gutter installation services

For a long-lasting and resistant gutter system

Gutter installation services

Installing aluminum gutters is essential to protect your house. At Gouttières Montréal we offer quality installation services in Greater Montreal, Laval and Repentigny. We have a wide range to suit your needs and budget.

Gutter installation: why?

If a rainwater management system is very discreet, their function is nonetheless essential to ensure the durability of your house. The installation of aluminum gutters protects the paint of your outdoor facades, but it also channels rainwater by rerouting the splashing from your walls. By cleaning the gutters, if it’s blocked, you prevent water infiltration through the roof.

To avoid water runoff on the foundations of your house, it is important to let a team of professionals install your aluminum gutters. You will avoid a lot of problems.

    Gutters Installation: Three Solutions

    Gouttières Montréal offers three types of aluminum gutters ranging from 5 to 6 inches without seals. Our experts will come to your house to install your gutters, after a thorough inspection of the fascia, roof edge and soffit. To avoid any bad outcome, this high-precision work is necessary.

    You need to repair your gutters in Laval, Montreal or Repentigny? Wait no more and call Gouttières Montréal!

    T-Rex Gutters

    T-Rex is a continuous hanger system made for new gutters.

    The T-Rex system has an important advantage: It makes new gutters 50% more resistant. How? By being installed on their full length, eliminating any structural weakness.

    This system prevents from any warping of the gutters under the weight of a ladder or ice in winter. And because snow can’t pile up, the ice will not expand in the gutters with the frost/thaw cycle. Moreover, the system can be resistant to torrential rain thanks to Alu-Perf technology, tested by the independent company Intertek.