Frequently asked questions

All you need to know on Alu-Rex gutter installation

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Do wet leaves stick to Alu-Rex products?

Only temporarily.

Alu-Rex products have a smooth and perforated surface. Just like they can stick to a car hood, leaves and debris present on the surface of Alu-Rex products will rapidly dry. The perforated surface will help with the drying, unlike your car! Then, the wind will blow the leaves away:

A 10 km/h wind will blow wet leaves and around 100 pine needles per foot.

A 37 km/h wind will blow around one inch (2.5 cm) of pine needles per foot.

How do Alu-Rex products resist to snow?

With Alu-Rex products, your gutters will not feel the weight of snow. Your gutters will be empty, the weight will only be on your Alu-Rex gutter cover. Moreover, the gutters are still working and the water from the melting snow will be drained.

Without the Alu-Rex products, your gutters—already filled with leaves and debris—will be full of snow preventing water from being drained in spring. The total weight is heavier.

Can ice form on the Gutter Clean System® or T-Rex™?

No way! Water is continuously drained through the downspout since no debris or snow are blocking the way. With Alu-Rex products and technology, your gutters are functional all year long.

Alu-Rex products will never be responsible for the formation of ice. If you notice some icicle, we recommend you check if the attic is ventilated enough and if you have the proper thermal insulation.

Can Alu-Rex products cause water infiltration in my roof?

No, no water infiltration can be caused by Alu-Rex products. We don’t need to lift the shingles and no nailing will be done on the roof. Be careful, some products similar to Alu-Rex will require shingles lifting, sometimes causing water infiltration. With time, asphalt shingles will dry and break more easily. It is risky to lift them in order to nail, screw or put a gutter cover. Know that your warranty on shingles will be annulled if lifted, removed or altered with.

How much weight can my gutter hold with the T-Rex™ system?

With the T-Rex™, your gutter can hold a maximum of 250 lb per linear feet (373 kg per linear meter). It’s 50% sturdier than spikes and hangers.

Why should I install the T-Rex™ if I don’t have any trees around my house?

Installing the T-Rex™ continuous hanger system when you don’t have any trees might seem useless. However, its main qualities are resistance, sturdiness, durability and quality. With this system, your gutters will be sturdier and more resistant than with any other system. New trees will grow, and your gutters will still be in perfect shape in 25, 30 or even 40 years! People buy the T-Rex™ system because they know their gutters deserve the best just like their doors, windows and any other elements of the house.

Why the T-Rex™ continuous hanger system is better than nails, screws and hangers?

Nails, screws and hangers are sturdy, but only on a few inches around them, in front of the gutter.
They have weaknesses. The T-Rex™ is sturdy on the entire length of the gutter. It has no weaknesses.

What is the difference between both Alu-Rex products, the Gutter Clean System® and the T-Rex™?

The Gutter Clean System® is a gutter guard preventing leaves and other debris from penetrating the gutters and clogging them. This system is simply put on the gutters already installed on your house.

The T-Rex™ is a continuous hanger system for new gutters, it’s a very strong fixation system. The gutters are 50% sturdier than with a traditional system. Both products have the Alu-Perf technology, preventing accumulation of leaves and debris in your gutters.

Do Alu-Rex products need maintenance?

Today, the Gutter Clean System® and T-Rex™ are among the most effective gutter protection systems available. In most cases, regular debris are pushed out by a small wind.

In some covered areas of the roof or shallow overhangs of pitched roofs, the wind cannot access it and some small debris might have accumulated. We recommend you clean it occasionally to keep your Alu-Rex products effective.

There are not enough holes and they are too small; how does the water penetrate the gutter?

Our extensive research and the development of our products led to a unique technology: Alu-Perf. It has 624 perforations every 24 inches (61 cm). It allows water to flow just like in a downspout pipe of 2 inches by 3 (5 cm x 7.5 cm). Thorough tests made by an independent certification company show that Alu-Rex products can drain more than 29.7 inches (755 mm) of water per hour on a length of 20 feet (6m). The 50,000,000 feet (15,240,000 meters) of Alu-Rex products installed around the world also speak for themselves …

For your information, the most important rainfall recorded in the world were 12 feet (305 mm) of water in an hour (Holt, MO, 1947). To compare, during the torrential rain of Saguenay (Quebec), in 1996, they recorded 11 feet (275 mm) of water in three days. Our Alu-Rex products could have contained all this water in an hour! And even three times more than that! Know that water backflows are usually caused by gutters themselves (not large and deep enough for the roof) or by the downpipes (not enough for the total surface of the roof). It’s very important to install enough downpipes to prevent backflows. To that purpose, you need to calculate that a downspout drains the equivalent of 600 square feet (56m2) of the roof. So, to conclude, if your clean gutters don’t induce backflows, the Gutter Clean System® and T-Rex™ won’t either.

Can Alu-Rex products hold large flows of water?

Even when 100% of the perforations are clogged (which is never, since the wind blows leaves and debris away), Alu-Rex products can drain three times the maximum of the most important rainfall ever recorded.

How? Because wet leaves are still permeable. In fact, water penetrates between the leaves, but also inside them and ends up in the gutter. Water always finds a way in the perforations. Moreover, the Alu-Rex products have an exclusive design with a basin of 0.4 feet (1cm) deep. Tests were run in a lab and on site to conclude that this basin allows more water to be drained, while letting the wind blow leaves, needles and debris from the surface. Be careful, some products similar to Alu-Rex are flat. They don’t have that basin which can cause overflowing.

Why can’t I use plastic trellis or wire mesh for my house?

We know it’s tempting to use a simple plastic trellis sold $4.00 for 20 feet (6.1m), but we advise you not to do that.

The openings on these types of products are too big. The debris and leaves will get stuck creating a fertile ground for plants to grow in. Moreover, these products are not sturdy and will break under the weight of snow and ice. You’ll still have to climb up your ladder regularly to clean your gutters.

Choose the worry-free system Gutter Clean System™! Contact us for a free estimate of the installation cost.